Liverpool Interest In Joe Allen

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers is looking to bring in former midfielder Joe Allen to replace Charlie Adam, who is likely to leave Anfield this summer. Allen is seen as the perfect replacement for Adam, although after talks between Liverpool and Swansea, the two clubs valuation of the player seem to be miles apart.

Swansea will be looking for at least £12-£15 million for Allen whereas Liverpool seem to value the player at around £6-£8 million.

Would Joe Allen be a perfect replacement for Charlie Adam?



  1. Would be a good move for him to go to Liverpool as Swansea have a high chance of going down next season.

    Not sure about what Swansea value him at though, bit of a steep price tag.

    1. I agree, I think Swansea will be in a relegation battle next season but Allen is only 22 and is rated VERY highly, he is similar to charlie adam and would be a very good player for Liverpool.

  2. Wow didn’t think he was 22, that could be why they value him at such a high price.

    1. Yea he is still young but he is also british so that adds another £5million onto the price tag.

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