Asian Tour and all the Itsy-Bitsy of the Transfer Market

Blazing Cannons

Hello Gooners. 23 days is what separates us from another mad exciting season of the Premier League. The situation is such, the first thing I do after waking up in the morning is calculate the number of days to the 18th. This has been, I should say, one of the least boring pre-seasons, and that has been partially helped because of the European Championships.

Of course, there have been those days when you wake up to a realy grisly hangover, to find absolutely nothing on the footballing internet. The Robin van Persie saga has made me track around all websites, to of course find out the latest in the situation, but we all know, how the newspapers can make a meal out of everything. Supposedly, van Persie was spotted in Manchester, and the next day the newspapers ran the story that he is house hunting. For all you know, he may be…

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